Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are usually sent direct to the Funeral Director who transports the flowers with the deceased.

Funky Floral Design takes great pride in helping families give that last good-bye a special touch and work’s closely with the families to offer guidance and advice with a personalised, bespoke design service.

At some point in our lives we will need to either send sympathy flowers or arrange funeral or memorial flowers. Designing bespoke funeral flowers is very rewarding for a florist as it’s the last special gift a relative or loved one can give to them. When you lose a relative, it can be overwhelming at a time when you are dealing with your own grief. We are here to help lift that burden and offer any advice you may require.

Your Funeral Director may offer you some advice and if you are working with an independent Funeral Director this is likely to be very helpful. For flowers we would always recommend it is best to consult a floral designer directly so that you can really send an appropriate and bespoke gift that sums up your feeling or reflects the deceased tastes and personality.

If you are arranging a funeral you may require a flower arrangement for the service or crematorium. It is also tradition to have a bouquet of flowers on the coffin or casket. The most common is a spray of flowers or long and low arrangement that drape over the coffin. Often people choose colours or flowers that meant something to the deceased or to the family left behind. Lots of people are also choosing to use baskets or biodegradeable coffins and these are often very light structures which take limited weight or require flower garlands.

For a good friend or close relative, I think it is often lovely to send a tied sheaf or a trug as it is easy to pick up and take to the wake after the funeral and the gift can be enjoyed for longer. For a colleague, a wreath or posy arrangement is an appropriate tribute.  Hearts and Crosses are also popular if appropriate. Traditionally in the UK, it has been very popular to send very personal tributes and so there are all kinds of other alternatives including Funeral Lettering, football teams, hobbies, musical instruments, pets etc, its endless.

Only family flowers

It has become more common for the family to request no funeral flowers. If you still wish to send sympathy flowers, an alternative option is to send flowers to the family home, with a special message. It is best to choose a Box Bag as they arrive in water or an oasis arrangement or trug of flowers is a popular option. White or pastel flowers are traditional and something scented is ideal.

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